Steps to overcome irritation

Steps To Overcome Irritation

There are times when we are not at our best, times when we lose our cool and we feel very irritable. Irritation is a sign that something is not right and needs to be fixed. It can be a result of provocation, stress, pain, confusion, or for no apparent reason. If unchecked, habitual irritability can interfere with our daily activities also and damage relationships. So often we become irritable and struggle to regulate our feelings. Irritation results from mental fatigue, stress, insecurity and worry. When battling these emotions, if anything we dislike unfolds, we lash out. Even someone chewing loud, or someone honking at traffic, can irritate us for hours.

Follow these steps to overcome irritation –

  1. Wake up early, spend 30 minutes with yourself, nourish the mind with meditation and spiritual study. It helps you think and feel right in every situation.
  2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes. A healthy body promotes a happy mind.
  3. Pause after every hour or two and remind yourself – I am a peaceful being. Everything is perfect.
  1. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Eat mindfully, away from distractions, and eat only at set times.
  2. Set an adequate sleep schedule, stick to the same bedtime and wake-up time daily.
  3. To influence people, understand that their ways of being and doing will differ from yours. Respect your differences. Advise them whenever needed, but detach from its outcome.

Once you take care of mind and body, you won’t need to worry about situations. You will face them calmly. Patience and clarity become natural. Experience this affirmation to overcome irritation –

I am a peaceful being… I nurture my mind every morning … I use it with care during the day … I energise my body daily … I eat the right diet … I sleep well … I have lot to accomplish … I have lot of time … I get work done … patiently … Even in a crisis … my vibrations are calm … I am the master of situations.

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