Returning to normal conversation after a conflict

Returning To Normal Conversation After A Conflict

When there is an emotional outburst like an argument or conflict, some of us resort to a silent treatment as a defense mechanism or control mechanism. The days or weeks of communication breakdown is both awkward and unhealthy, because we cling on to negative thoughts, fill the environment with heavy vibrations and deplete everyone. When the dust settles after an argument with family or friends, do your emotions continue to run high? Do wrong thoughts of resentment and retaliation remain clouded in your mind? Do you refuse to talk to each other for hours, days, or even months? We often stop talking after a conflict, believing that the absolute silence will help us make our point, gives us time to settle down and to realize. During this period of communication breakdown, the mind goes on creating heavy, toxic thoughts, opens up recent wounds, accumulates more pain and radiates rejection for each other. These vibrations are harmful for everyone’s mind and body. Let’s keep aside the issue, let’s keep aside our ego and let’s return to our normal thoughts, words and behaviour. We need to be the one to step up and speak to them as if nothing had happened. They are after all, our loved ones and well-wishers. Their wellbeing is our priority and our well-being is their priority. Resuming communication is the easiest way to save the relationship. It protects each other’s happiness, health, and most importantly, creates the right culture at home or at our workplace.

Remember you are a caring being. Care for the happiness and health of your family and friends. Sometimes they have different opinions which do not match with yours. You state your perspective and if they are attached to their views they disagree with you. Say whatever you need to say with stability. Respect them even if you disagree with their views. Immediately after that scene clear your mind and change the energy of the scene. Settle the differences in a healthy way and never allow a period of negative silence to set in. Return to your normal self, calm and relaxed. Voluntarily talk to them immediately and don’t wait for them to talk. Behave as if nothing unpleasant had happened between both of you. Your unconditional love and respect will heal them. Heal the relationship and restore harmony.

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