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5 Tips For Overcoming Mental Fatigue (Part 3)

  1. Live Life As A Beautiful Journey Without Any Burdens Of Situations – A very important practice for experiencing life without getting burdened is to enjoy the journey. Have you ever seen a journey without side scenes? In the same way, life’s journey will always have scenes that are sometimes negative and sometimes positive. And remember no scenes stay forever. So, while looking at each scene, be free from any anxiety and worry because as we know from our life’s experience – This also shall pass. The present becomes the past and the future will be beautiful. No negative situation lasts forever and a patient wait with a consciousness full of peace will always bring us to a point in the journey, when the scene has gone and the beautiful journey continues. This is a law of life. Also, the more we remain detached from side scenes in our life’s journey, the more happier and full of lightness we will be.
  2. Your Thoughts Create Your Life … Be Your Own Monitor – A very important aspect of keeping your thoughts less and very positive and light and remaining free from mental fatigue, is checking your thoughts from time to time throughout the day. One is changing the direction of your thoughts to a positive one, when they are becoming negative and building up in quantity and negative strength and disturbing you. This can be done by keeping a book or any other source of positive reading on your mobile or laptop with you. Read it in the day from time to time. Do it 4-5 times a day and you will be able to change the direction of your thinking easily. Also, when you end the day, review your thoughts of the entire day that has passed and make corrections for the next day. The next morning, plan your tasks for the day and include regular short breaks for self-checking of your thoughts along with them.

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