12th Jul – Soul Sustenance

Why Are We Losing Self Control?

Let us explore why and how do we lose self control. We know about pollutants in the air, but there is another crucial component which we cannot see but we absorb. That is the element of human consciousness which is formed by our intentions, thoughts, emotions that we radiate and create the Collective Consciousness of our city, country and the world.

Analyzing the influence of Air Pollution, we can categorize people into 3 sets:

Set 1: A significant number of people responsible for polluting the air.
Set 2: Includes everyone, because everyone breathes the polluted air.
Set 3: A few people who are physically weak and they fall ill due to the polluted air.

Let’s take the same analogy to Emotional Pollution:

Set 1: A significant number of people who have ego, lust, anger, greed in their minds. What is on the mind radiates into the atmosphere. So ego, lust and anger are in the air.
Set 2: Includes everyone, because everyone gets influenced by the vibrations around them.
Set 3: A few people who are emotionally weak at a particular time because of a crisis in life or mental or physical illness. Emotional weakness makes them vulnerable and they get affected by the environment vibrations more than the others, around them.

What happens to people in Set 3 is important to understand. If a person affected by air pollution is asked to climb a flight of stairs, they get breathless; they are not their normal self. Similarly when someone in an emotionally depleted state, affected by the environmental vibrations has to face a slightly difficult situation, they lose control over themselves. They react in a manner which is not normal of them. Road rage, physical assault, or any other form of unplanned acts of crime happens when momentarily people lose control over their normal way of being. Moments after the act they realize, regret, go into pain and guilt. But it is those few moments which can affect many destinies. While we read about people in Set 3 and we condemn what they have done, it’s time to introspect am I a part of what has happened? Am I part of Set 1 which creates anger, violence, lust in the mind which affects some people to such an extent that they bring it out into action? If we want to create peace, respect and harmony in the world, let us remember it begins in our mind. If we want everyone to be healthy, we will need to curb the pollution we are creating. We the people in Set 1 will need to change so that there is no one in Set 3. I am a part of the Collective Consciousness. Let me Be the Change, Radiate the Change and become a part of the World Change.

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