12th May – Soul Sustenance

Overcome Any Addiction With Thought Power

People say – My body is demanding this substance. The craving is of the mind, not the body. De-addiction from tea, coffee, alcohol, drugs or any substance is all about the right way of thinking. Sometimes we become dependent on certain unhealthy substances and then reinforce the craving by saying – I cannot give it up, I am addicted to it.

1. Identify any substance you have been dependent on. Any addiction is more to do with our thoughts and less to do with the substance itself. We created a dependency by repeatedly consuming it, we have the power to change it.

2. You are the creator of your emotions and do not need substances to feel a particular way. Never say – This gives me happiness, I cannot live without this … These thoughts deplete your will-power and deepen your addiction.

3. Delete the word addiction from your vocabulary to remove it from your mind. Even if it is as simple as your morning cup of tea, say – I have my morning cup of tea and not – I’m addicted to my morning cup of tea.

4. Your body is not dependent on any substance, it is the mind which craves for things. Meditate every morning and visualize yourself free of any unhealthy habit. When the mind is powerful and happy, it does not need a substance to feel good.