13th april soul sustenance english

5 Beautiful Specialties Of God

  1. The One Whom Everyone Sees As God – In India, people worship a large number of deities or devi devtas. Outside India, different religious heads are worshipped with great respect. But God is the One bodiless Supreme Being Of Spiritual Light, the One Ocean of all qualities which remain constant always. He is known in different religions as God, Eeshwar, Bhagwan, Allah etc.
  2. The Highest Of Highest – God is the Supreme Father, Supreme Teacher And Supreme Guru Of The World. He does not take sustenance from any other soul. In fact, He is the Supreme One whom everyone looks upto for sustenance. He fills all the souls of the world with His wisdom, qualities and powers and even purifies the 5 elements of nature.
  3. Beyond The Dualities Of The World – God is the one who is beyond birth and rebirth, joy and sorrow, action and the fruit of action. He is the One constant Supreme Soul, always staying in the soul world, ever pure, blissful, knowledgeful and powerful and always soul conscious, sweet and the most humble Supreme Parent of all souls of the world.
  4. The Ocean Of Wisdom Who Knows Everything – God possesses the wisdom of the soul, Himself and the complete details of the World Drama and how it is cyclic in nature. He also knows the secrets of every life situation and how to resolve it. Everyone looks upto Him in times of sorrow for divine help. He possesses the most pure and supreme intellect.
  5. The Giver Of Goodness And Who Does Not Take – God is the One who never takes or expects to take anything from anyone. He is the constant donor and giver of everything good – both physical and non-physical. By remembering Him, not only do we fulfill ourselves internally but we also achieve success in the world and get everything good on a physical level.

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