13th June – Soul Sustenance

Ruling The Kingdom Of The Mind (Part 1)

Have you ever looked inside the inner kingdom of your mind where your thoughts, feelings and emotions are your ministers? Is it a kingdom of law or lawlessness? Do you ever wonder to yourself – I wish there would be more order and less chaos in my kingdom! So what stops you from creating a kingdom of law and order? Is it external situations or is it your internal reactions to these situations? Just for one day, perform this little exercise, check that out of the tens of thousands of thoughts and feelings you create in a day, how many are your own creation and how many are responses to external events. If they are your own positive creation or if they are responses to events, but correct ones, then be proud that your ministers are obeying you. Do you realize that the time when these thoughts and feelings are your wrong reactions and not your original correct creations either, is the time when these ministers are wicked and disobeying you?

A kingdom where the ministers disobey the king (that is you, the soul) repeatedly, is a kingdom, the atmosphere of which is lacking in harmony, love and joy. The kingdom in our case is our mind. It is a kingdom which is not respected by its people, who work under the ministers of thoughts, feelings and emotions. The people are your attitudes, expressions, words and actions. They further misbehave under the influence of the thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is a kingdom where the king cannot face external situations with strength. Also, it is a kingdom which is lacking in stability.

(To be continued tomorrow …)