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Who Is The Source Of Wisdom At The Brahma Kumaris (Part 1)?

A common question asked by many people in the world is that who is the source of wisdom at the Brahma Kumaris? Some of the spiritual wisdom aspects regarding the soul, God, the World Drama and its duration of 5000 years as well as its repetition, as shared by the Brahma Kumaris, are a little different from some common beliefs held in the world about these aspects. Although if we really dive deep into the history of these common beliefs, we will always find some views regarding spiritual aspects like soul and God as well as physical aspects like the world’s history and geography, time and nature, which were different from these common beliefs and were possibly true. But, because these views were not so powerful or were of the minority and looked unconvincing to the majority, they did not get common acceptance. That is why today we do not find some of these uncommon, less popular and possibly true views in our school and college books and other common spiritual and non-spiritual literature, although they have existed in the World Drama. Also, these views were or are known to some people in the world and are also present in some texts and other lesser popular sources of the world.

Also, we have seen sometimes in the course of history that what everyone believed was correct, was later proved to be incorrect. There are various such instances and examples in the world throughout history. So, it is quite understandable if someone has a few questions regarding some of the aspects of wisdom, which they listen at the Brahma Kumaris. One of the reasons for asking questions is that some of these aspects are different from common beliefs and the other reason is that the source of the wisdom who has shared the wisdom, is not known and experienced by a person who has newly got introduced to the wisdom of the Brahma Kumaris.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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