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Resolving Negative Situations In 3 Steps (Part 1)

We are living a life of unpredictability and unexpected situations come in our lives every now and then. What is the reason for this? Why is it that difficult situations are increasing in our lives today? As per the knowledge of the World Drama which has been revealed by God, we are all presently in the last phase of the World Drama, at the end of Kaliyug or the Iron Age. At this point all the souls of the world are carrying negative sanskars of many different negative actions performed in their past births. These negative sanskars are causing difficult situations of the mind like negative thoughts and feelings and also constantly radiating negative energy to the body, other souls and the environment and attracting difficult situations of the body, relationships, wealth and role. So, we have to resolve these different negative situations with patience and strength. Let us see in this message 3 steps by which we can resolve difficult situations successfully and in a short period of time –

Step 1 – Accepting The Situation Peacefully – The first step in resolving any difficult situation is accepting it peacefully with wisdom and understanding. If we resist any situation and fear it, it becomes bigger and takes more time to resolve. Sometimes the situation is not so big but the thought that there is a difficult situation in our life and life is no longer the same makes the situation bigger. Also, before we create a positive state of mind and start changing the situation with our right thinking, help from God and guidance from others, we need to accept the situation with the understanding that it is not caused by any person or any other outside force, but it is a result of our own negative actions of some past birth or births or some negative actions of this birth. We also need to talk to ourselves and be light in our mind and feel deep within that we are not very bad souls or souls who have performed many negative actions, because of which we are suffering today. Instead, we need to tell ourselves that we are good souls with many specialties and God loves us. But this type of situation can come in anyone’s life and we are not alone. Acceptance will make us stronger and more stable and resistance will make us weaker and unstable emotionally.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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