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Raise The Vibration Of Your Words

Most of us are habituated to using negative and low-energy words in our daily conversations. Every word carries a particular energy and vibration. It is what we radiate into the universe. And we attract back a similar energy manifesting as our destiny. We need to check and raise our vocabulary, and not be casual about them. Our words create our world. Do you consider the impact of the words you habitually use, or take them for granted, believing they are after all words? Have you experienced that certain words can instantly make you feel happy, sad or angry? There is more to words than conveying our views. Every word we think, speak or write vibrates at a certain frequency. Using negative words about ourselves, other people, places, things or the world itself will bring down our and their vibrations. Let us refine our vocabulary to use only pure, positive, empowering words. use only high vibration words. The high-energy not only makes us feel good but raises our vibrations. We attract more positivity. Our words create our world. Let our words be elevated to suit our personality.

Everyday, carefully choose only pure, powerful, positive words in your daily communication. Constantly improve your vocabulary, rising your vocabulary is rising your vibrations. Whether it is your inner conversation or a conversation with someone about your health, relationships, career, finances, whatever you talk about, use the highest vocabulary that you are aware. Use only powerful words like – I am easy, Changing habits is simple for me, Everything is perfect, I am on time, I am successful, Of course I will do it, I will complete it, I always do it well, My body is perfectly healthy, My meal is healthy and tasty. I speak of the reality I want, not the current reality. My words influence my world, they energize me and my situation. My every word is a blessing for myself, for other people, for situations, and for the environment. Positive words have a healing effect on our mind, and even our body responds positively.

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