14th June – Soul Sustenance

Ruling The Kingdom Of The Mind (Part 2)

Am I a weak king (soul) or a powerful one? This is a question that each one of us needs to ask ourselves at the end of each day. Every night, call upon your ministers – the thoughts, feelings and emotions in your kingdom court and have a heart-to-heart conversation with them regarding the kingdom and its people. The people are your attitudes, expressions, words and actions. A court is also held to check the daily report of the behavior of the ministers. As the ministers of a kingdom, so its people (as mentioned above). To keep the kingdom in order, a positive king will train the ministers and its people to respond correctly to different negative situations which the kingdom is exposed to every day. This ability is the power of the king in action.

To train the ministers and people of my kingdom to respond correctly, a powerful king will, at the start of the day and at regular intervals in the day, give positive thoughts to the mind. These thoughts are of power such as – I am a star of success; I possess the all powerful driving force of motivation; I can destroy obstacles that try to obstruct my path. Also, thoughts of peace such as – I shall not react angrily, but maintain my calm; I shall not look at others’ actions but keep my focus on my stable stage; I shall keep a relationship of outer detachment to external situations as well as inner detachment to internal pressures. And, thoughts of love such as – I am an overflowing source of good wishes; I will be forgetful of others’ mistakes; I shall absorb others’ virtues and fill others with my virtues. Also, thoughts of joy such as I will remain light and give others the same experience; I shall spread the wings of enthusiasm and fly high; I shall gift a smile and a greeting to everyone. These types of thought affirmations will in turn positively influence the feelings and emotions, the ministers of my kingdom and my attitudes, expressions, words and actions, the people of my kingdom. How? We shall explain that in tomorrow’s message.

(To be continued tomorrow …)