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Who Is The Source Of Wisdom At The Brahma Kumaris (Part 2)?

So where do we start if we have a few questions and doubts about some of the aspects that are told to us, when we visit a Brahma Kumaris service centre anywhere in the world, meet someone from the Brahma Kumaris anywhere or through any other medium of the Brahma Kumaris, which talks about its wisdom. The answer is simple. Let’s discover the source of the wisdom along with getting an explanation and answers about the wisdom. The Rajyoga meditation taught at the Brahma Kumaris is one way of experiencing the source, because the meditation is a direct union and conversation with the source – the Supreme Being or God. Once you make this spiritual connection in your consciousness and have that experience, you will easily believe that the source of wisdom at the Brahma Kumaris is God himself and not any human soul, because He is the One who has taught this method of meditation and shared many other aspects of spiritual wisdom, which you hear at the Brahma Kumaris.

Also, we advise that even if you have a few doubts in your mind, begin your spiritual journey by listening to spiritual wisdom and practicing meditation for a few minutes everyday. Many of us at the Brahma Kumaris have experienced when we were newcomers to the Brahma Kumaris wisdom, that by doing that, over a period of time, we start experiencing the source of the wisdom i.e. God, very deeply. Also, we start understanding the wisdom more clearly and start having complete faith in the source, what He is sharing and why He is sharing. All the doubts and questions go away completely and a clearer perception of the wisdom based on truth arises. Also, once you begin your spiritual journey, don’t leave it in the middle, because the journey itself will give you the faith in the source, the journey and its destination. If you do not begin the journey at all, because you have doubts, you miss the benefits of the journey, which would still be there, even if you have doubts, because you know inside and do believe many of the aspects of the spiritual wisdom, although maybe not all. So, it’s good to begin and start exploring and leave the rest to the Supreme Being or God, to guide you and make you realise Him and the truths, which He is sharing.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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