Gratitude for people who weren’t right to us

Gratitude For People Who Weren’t Right To Us

The behaviors of certain people feel nearly intolerable to us. We feel they came into our life and created chaos with their words and behaviors. What we fail to realize is that such people bring out our potential, help us grow and be stronger. Let us be grateful to those who weren’t right to us. Do you believe that good people give you good times, but wrong people give you good lessons? You may dislike every bit about someone who behaved wrongly with you, but do you realize how powerful you emerged, as you went through those experiences? Whether they are rude, betray us, create an obstacle in our success, lie to us or harm us, they are instruments for changing our destiny. They make us strong enough to independently deal with the issue, overcome any situation, and remain powerful. When people are not right to us, we adapt, we adjust, we adapt to new ways of thinking, of not being dependent on their behaviour. We lower our ego, enhance our goodness and take care of keeping our karmas clean. By becoming powerful, we also change our past belief that our emotions are dependent on people. Practice being grateful, kind and peaceful to such people. Remind yourself everyday – I am a wise being. I am grateful for everyone in my life, no matter how they treat me. I treat them well. I thank the people who were not right to me, for giving me the strength to be who I am today – powerful and humble.

Remind yourself regularly that you are a powerful being. Thank everyone who has been a part of your life journey, for their role in it. At times people are not right to you, they lie, betray, ignore or abuse you. It’s their doing, their choice. You take care of yourself, you recognize your worth and remain in self-respect. You should be grateful to them for bringing out the best in you. Their behaviour gives you the opportunity to increase your tolerance, your calmness, your respect, your stability. Develop compassion for yourself and them. Forgive them as they are not wrong, they are in pain themselves, and behaving that way because of that. They are playing their role, as per our past karmic accounts. Now they allow you to settle your past karma with them. Even if you feel uncomfortable momentarily, realize they came to give you the lessons and knowledge that you had to learn. Your gratitude influences them, heals them. You come out of it stronger, you let go of the emotions, move on, being a better you, giving gratitude for everyone.

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