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Resolving Negative Situations In 3 Steps (Part 2)

Step 2 – Creating A Positive And Powerful State Of Mind – The next step in resolving any negative situation is creating a positive and powerful state of mind with the help of spiritual affirmations or thoughts full of inner power and determination. The best practice is to create a short affirmation for yourself according to the negative situation you are facing and to practice thinking it in the mind just after you get up in the morning, before eating and drinking anything in the day and once just before sleeping. The affirmation should be practiced with complete faith and conviction and not just repeated in the mind, without any feelings. Also, we need to remind ourselves that this situation will be resolved easily if we remain fearless and stable and take the help God, who is the World Almighty Authority and also the Ocean of Wisdom who knows how to resolve any situation in the world. We should also experience His company and power at every step with ourselves and hold His hand of help tightly and feel completely confident.

To absorb God’s power, take time to connect with Him in meditation and also have subtle conversations with Him. Share your thoughts of the negative situation with Him and receive His positive vibrations and inspirations of what steps of resolution to take. Any situation which seems very difficult and the path to success is full of darkness can become easy to cross with the light and vision of God, which you take from God in meditation. Lastly, also remember and revise points of spiritual wisdom related to crossing negative situations which you have listened and learnt from God and fill your mind with cheerfulness and contentment, based on that spiritual wisdom. Also, remember your experience of different negative situations in the past, which you have crossed with God’s help and support. This lightness attracts positive solutions easily and faster and makes us stronger also for facing the situation with ease and not with any pressure inside our minds and in our thoughts.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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