15th June – Soul Sustenance

Ruling The Kingdom Of The Mind (Part 3)

Rulers have ruled over different territories all across the world since thousands of years. There was a time when rulers ruled the complete world, a time when there was no trace of sorrow or hatred or injustice or disharmony in their kingdom. We know these rulers as devis and devtas or deities today. What was the secret of their success? They possessed, apart from the skills to rule, all the powers to succeed. So what is the secret of success for the spiritual king, which is me, the soul? I increase my spiritual powers and make them a part of my personality. How? Creating thought affirmations which we explained in yesterday’s message. Thought affirmations of the seven primary virtues – peace, love, joy, purity, bliss, power and truth. We have explained four virtue types in yesterday’s message. We could give a thought to the remaining three also.

These virtue thoughts, when repeatedly brought into my conscious mind everyday, gradually influence my sub-conscious mind positively. This then fills me, the spiritual king’s personality, with those seven virtues. Virtues in turn increase spiritual power inside me. This in turn makes me strong, a king with the eight primary spiritual powers – the power to withdraw, the power to pack up, the power to tolerate, the power to accommodate, the power to face, the power to discriminate, the power to judge and the power to co-operate. Such a power-filled king is then obeyed by his ministers – the thoughts, feelings and emotions and his people – the attitudes, expressions, words and actions. All of them learn to respond to external situations, in tune with their king’s personality i.e. in tune with the seven primary virtues and the eight primary powers. As the king, so his ministers. As the ministers, so his people – resulting in a harmony, love and joy filled atmosphere in the complete kingdom. Such an order filled kingdom is a kingdom of high self esteem. Also, it is respected by other people it associates with everyday because the people who come in close connection with such a kingdom experience these virtues and powers from the kingdom and the king.