15th March – Soul Sustenance

Love Yourself

If we pause and notice our behaviors, we find that it is easier to love other people, than to love our own self. This lack of self-love is visible in so many forms, for example – we don’t respect our body and mind, we insult ourselves for faults and failures, we don’t forgive our mistakes, and we under-estimate our abilities. How much we love ourselves decides how well we live our lives.

1. Do you judge yourself very harshly when you lacked something? Do you truly open up your mind and heart to love yourself when you’re doing great? Or do you rather wait for receiving the energy of love from others who you value? Self-love is an art we need to master.

2. Love is who we are, it’s our innate quality, our personality and our very nature. It’s an energy we can create and give it to ourselves and others. But we block love when we harbour unloveful feelings like anger, guilt, fear or pain. So we seek love from other people. But even if everyone loves us except ourselves, we cannot experience it.

3. Remembering that we are love finishes our dependency on people to love us. We need to cultivate self-love by accepting, appreciating, motivating and being kind to ourselves, unconditionally. We are already beautiful and are ready to work on the self from this moment.

4. Never say you need love. Change your vocabulary in your inner conversation and watch self-love flow automatically. Remind yourself – I love myself without conditions and without limits. Every word I say to myself is empowering.

Pic Courtesy : Olha Ruskykh from Pexels