15th May – Soul Sustenance

God As The Supreme Father, Teacher And Guru

A. God As A Supreme Father – The Ocean Of Love

1. Gives us spiritual sustenance.
2. Fills us with immense love as a spiritual parent.
3. Gives us his supreme company at every step and in every action, which helps us become powerful and victorious over obstacles.

B. God As A Supreme Teacher – The Ocean Of Wisdom

1. Shares wisdom.
2. Makes us full of many capabilities and qualities.
3. Teaches us how we can make our fortune of many births and remain happy throughout the World Cycle.

C. God As A Supreme Guru – The Ocean Of Purity

1. Teaches us the method of meditation which helps us purify the soul and experience peace.
2. Guides us on the spiritual path.
3. Fills our life with many blessings and attainments which make us successful in every sphere of life.