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Resolving Negative Situations In 3 Steps (Part 3)

Step 3 – Taking Positive Steps Of Resolution – The third step and a very important one is doing something positive on a physical level to correct the situation. Sometimes, we think that a situation will get resolved on its own if we just think positive and remember God. But it is seen sometimes in certain situations that any delay in taking steps to resolve the situation can worsen the situation and take it out of our hands completely. So, positive energy of our own and that we take from God needs to be radiated from our mind to the situation and we can discuss with others and think ourselves also what we should do now and soon. While we act on the situation, we should also feel God’s presence close to us and catch what He is communicating to us from His divine intellect full of wisdom. Talking to others and reading spiritual wisdom is also good and very important, because God sometimes guides us through others and through His wisdom, which we read or listen to, and takes us to solutions soon, when we don’t expect situations to resolve immediately.

Lastly, when taking steps, keep yourself patient and remember that as you flow through the steps of resolution you take, God will also guide you based on your progress in the resolution and take you to the solution of the problem. If we don’t take any steps of resolution ourselves, even God is not able to guide us correctly, because we over-depend on Him and leave completely everything to Him without doing anything ourselves. God says as you take one step of resolution full of determination, I will help you thousand times more. But if we don’t take that one step, God also remains detached from the situation and we do not receive His help as much as we expect. On the other hand, God’s help creates miracles and makes us feel that the situation was not very big as it seemed. But we need to also be active in the sphere of action and do our best we can to correct the situation.

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