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Consciousness Cleansing (Part 2)

Whenever you step into the daily routine, give yourself a few positive thoughts which will orient your mind towards a pure consciousness and attitude towards others. We all know that cleanliness is the original sanskara of the soul and cleanliness is where there is peace, love, joy and power inside our consciousness. Also, it is where there is no room for emotions or thoughts of anger, ego, jealousy, hatred, other vices and too much thinking about the past or future or in general about others, which is sometimes unnecessary.
So, when we start our daily work routine, it is important to read something positive before that and fill our mind with positivity which will keep our mind occupied for the rest of the day. This reading of wisdom or spiritual knowledge or practical tips for mind empowerment early in the morning will change your mindset and you will feel mentally fresh and powerful. On the other hand, an empty mind i.e. one that has not filled itself with positive thoughts can easily come under the influence of the different ups and downs of the day or variety natures of different people at the workplace or even in your family. Such a person is constantly vibrant and full of energy, radiating contentment and without any complaints about life and different situations of life. Also, as we know that food, rest and exercise are the key to a healthy body. In the same way, experiencing oneself as a soul and experiencing with the eye of your intellect, your spiritual Father, the Supreme Soul or God and charging yourself with His spiritual energy and positivity is like an exercise. The exercise of connecting with God, with the power of thought and visualization, gives the soul a lot of strength. Also, positive thoughts or wisdom are like the food for the soul. Also, rest for the soul, along with experiencing peace at hourly intervals, is loving God in different ways all through the day. God is always with us and teaches us how to radiate good wishes to each soul and tie them in a bond of pure love with God. So, enjoying the company of God while performing actions and giving that vibration of love, which you receive from Him, to others, gives a lot of peace, rest and fulfillment to the soul. This is because you receive a lot of blessings in return, from those whom you have shared God’s love with..

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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