16th jan 23 soul sustenance

Making Your Vision Unbiased And Spiritual For Everyone

Connect to people through your original qualities of respect and humility. Your qualities are your own, use them with everyone, in every situation and every time. If you are polite with one person and egoistic with another, or if your behaviour reflects the way others behave with you, your personality gets lost in the process. Even if no one around you is being right, don’t drift from your qualities. Our biases can create barriers between our own beliefs and the reality. Sometimes we cannot justify why we prefer one person over another, why we dislike a place, or reject a product brand. The more biased we are, the more unreasonable we become.

1. Your appearance, position, culture, nationality, religion – are what you have acquired, it’s not who you are. So don’t connect with people as role to role, or position to position. It creates thoughts of superiority or inferiority, leading to biases.

2. If your mind is not thinking right for someone or something, check if you are biased due to social conditioning or public approval. Correct the belief and change your opinion.

3. Remind yourself that you are a pure being, interacting with another pure being. Extend courtesies and follow social rules according to roles. But respect is for the being, so it should not change according to people’s roles, faith, nationality or any other factor.

4. Meet people with a clean mind, deleting past impressions you hold about them. Perceive them with a new way of thinking and a new behaviour.

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