Celebrating the happiness of others

Celebrating The Happiness Of Others

When people are doing better than you, do you feel happy for them – genuinely or superficially or not happy at all – because you are yet to get there? Deep down you want to be happy but does your mind start analyzing what their achievement means to you? When someone is doing very well at work, education, family, personality or in possessions, it doesn’t mean they are better than us. It just means they have achieved more than us at that particular moment. Let’s compliment them. Each one receives their fair share according to their karmas of either this or their past births, nothing more and nothing less. Being happy for people’s happiness implies we are happy with ourselves. It also finishes our weaknesses like ego, jealousy or insecurity. If we don’t look at people as competitors, they will co-operate with us. Let’s remind ourselves I am happy for everyone who does well and everyone who is appreciated. People who have achieved more than me motivate me to do well. I congratulate them, I celebrate their achievements, I feel their happiness. This is being big-hearted.

Look within and ask yourself today that when people buy a new car or a new home, do we feel good or jealous? It may bring out our jealous side but feeling happy for people’s happiness indicates our maturity and strength. Giving them credit is the easiest way to defeat our destructive thoughts of jealousy and ego. Take this moment to reflect how you feel and express heartfelt happiness for another person. Re-frame your perspective of life. Be grateful for what you have and genuinely happy for what others achieved. Your mind will open up to everything that is going well in life. You will stop feeling vulnerable about people’s achievements. Instead you honor your self-worth. Co-operating rather than resenting happy people improves your health, your relationships and your career.

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