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Delegating Responsibilities To Others

Whether we are the head of a family or a team in our office, sometimes we are insecure about handing over responsibility to others, we seek to keep responsibility with ourselves. Check if you hesitate to pass on responsibilities to other people. You may be enjoying what you do, fear giving up control, cannot trust people to do a good job or feel threatened that the other person might perform better than you.

1. Delegation is not just about getting things done. It is a process of empowering everyone on your life journey and is your purpose of life. Someone once trusted you with your duties, now it is your turn to keep the same energy flowing.

2. Provide people all the resources and give them freedom to execute things their way. Do not interfere in their style of working. Be available with all your support and interfere only if they seek guidance or if things are going wrong.

3. Delegation is also in the mind. Release your attachment to how things should be. Open your mind to the possibility of things being done another way, in a new way. Do not create doubt or fear about others’ ways. Empower them with vibrations of faith and success.

4. They might make mistakes, guide them lovingly and respectfully. Your energy of trust and acceptance helps people to give more than their capacity, to ensure success of the task at hand.


23rd may 2024 soul sustenance telugu

మీకు భగవంతునితో బలమైన సన్నిహిత సంబంధం ఉందా?

భగవంతుడు శాంతి, ప్రేమ మరియు ఆనంద సాగరులు. ఈ అసలైన సుగుణాలు కలిగి ఉన్న ఆత్మలమైన మనం వారి పిల్లలం. మనం భగవంతునితో మంచి సంబంధాన్ని కలిగి ఉన్నప్పుడు, వారి నుండి ఈ సుగుణాలతో

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