Letting go easily

Letting Go Easily

Sometimes we don’t realize the burden of the mental baggage that we are carrying. The baggage could be – our ignorance, pain from past experiences, attachments, expectations, wrong habits, limiting beliefs and people’s opinions. Only when we pack up of these old ways, we can accommodate new ways of thinking, behaving and being. On the journey of life, it is wise to travel light, carrying only what is needed. This applies to emotional baggage too. We tend to carry hurtful past – disappointments, wrong habits, pains and fears. Letting go creates space for new ways of thinking, behaving and being.

Follow these steps to let go of any unnecessary emotional baggage –

  1. When your mind is disturbed, check what it is thinking. It may be about the past or future. Direct it into the present.
  2. Choose a right response in every scene. No blaming, judging or criticizing others.
  3. Even if someone betrayed you, hurt was your creation. If the mind questions, Why did they do this to me, create thoughts, I let go …I understand people…I accept them… I face situations with stability.
  1. No one and nothing belongs to you. Everything has come as per your karmic accounts. So let go of attachments or resentments about yourself, people and situations.

Repeat this affirmation daily to have a stress-free mind. You start connecting to your original self, as you remove the layers of negativity. There will be inner space to accommodate and activate your original qualities of happiness, love and compassion.

I am a happy being … I shift from one scene to the next … with ease … I stay in the present … I let go of my old habits of blaming … worrying … criticizing… the scene does not stay on my mind… I focus on people’s goodness … I have compassion for them … their behaviour does not stay on my mind … I travel light … on this journey of life.

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