18th February – Soul Sustenance

5 Tips To Remain Free From Hurry –

1. Practice The Pause When There Is A Difficult Situation – A common response to negative situations is to immediately think more and that creates hurry in actions. Stopping whatever you are doing and creating a few thoughts of peace, positivity and power at that time, helps in slowing down the thoughts and keeping them focused and free from hurry.

2. Start Your Day With Meditation And Silence – The best way to slow down your thoughts in the entire day is to begin your day with a deep connection with God – The Ocean Of Peace and Silence. In the morning our mind is very fresh and if we make it silent with meditation at that time, the whole day is influenced because of that and we hurry less and work more.

3. Reflect Deeply And Reorganise Your Time In Your Mind – We hurry when suddenly a situation comes in front of us, which expects more from us then we are used to. At such times, we feel there is very little time and we hurry. We need to instead go inwards and stretch time by being flexible and then begin our work again with a new time table of tasks than our regular one. This will reduce our hurry.

4. Experience God With You For A Few Moments And Take His Guidance – Sometimes, when we are at work or in our families and there is lots to do and there are many unfinished tasks and time deadlines, it’s good to link your mind and intellect with God and take His guidance, which makes us stable and free from hurry and it also makes our mind more organised and efficient.

5. Read And Listen To Only What Is Necessary – One of the reasons our thoughts are more all the time and we also feel tired and hurried because of that, is that we begin our day with the newspaper and television and in the entire day think and discuss a lot about what others are doing, which is not necessary. We need to avoid this and read, talk and listen more positively and economically.