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Balance 5 Types Of Health

Our ability to live well rests predominantly on 5 types of health: physical health, mental health, emotional health, social health and spiritual health. Being inter-connected, each of these dimensions contributes to our quality of life. When we think of health, we mostly pay attention to physical wellness. We are quick to notice if our body is fit or not, agile or not, healthy or not. There is very little emphasis on spiritual, mental, emotional and social health. A satisfying life needs us to nurture all aspects.

  1. Spiritual health is the basis for emotional, mental, social and physical healing. Practice meditation to connect to God and fill yourself with His powers. Study spiritual wisdom daily. Create a compass of moral values and principles to live by.
  2. For physical health, exercise daily for at least 20 minutes. Follow lifestyle disciplines of right eating, drinking and sleeping habits.
  3. Emotional and mental health relies on right thinking, because it is your thoughts which come into words and behaviour, and create your destiny. Think right for people and situations even if they are not right. A clean mind radiates health to your body, whereas wrong thinking manifests into an illness.
  4. To improve social health, stop wanting anything from people. Give according to your own capacity, with no expectations. Be a radiator of love, trust, respect, happiness.

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