18th March – Soul Sustenance

Splashing Soulful Colours Of Love And Happiness

The Spiritual Meaning Of Holi – March 18th (Part 2)

Wearing clean white clothes mark the essence of Holi, symbolizing that we the souls are clean and pure. The soul is completely cleansed after burning its vices in the fire of remembrance of the Supreme Power (Holika Dahan). The colors of Holi represent our innate soul qualities of purity, peace, love, happiness, wisdom, power and bliss. We the souls need to first color the Self by connecting to God’s unconditional love and purity. We are then ready to spray them on everyone else through our thoughts, words and behavior. Playing with colors and splashing them on other people signifies that we apply permanent colors of our peace, compassion and harmony to every soul. We dissolve our differences; forgive each other and come together to unite in the hues of love and happiness.

Ho Li means I Belong. We celebrate the joy of belonging completely to God, the Supreme Soul. Ho Li Past is Past, never to come back again. So we need to stop dwelling in the past, re-living painful memories or holding on to people’s mistakes. Ho Ly translates to spiritual purity. It means our every karma should be pure and divine. Let us not just celebrate but live the meaning of Holi every day.

Pic Courtesy : Pexels from Pixabay