19th April – Soul Sustenance

Spiritual Roses Of The Supreme Gardener


The main features of physical flowers are their colour, form and fragrance, by which we judge their beauty. All these characteristics have their own unique importance. Introducing oneself to spirituality is like giving oneself into the hands of the Supreme Spiritual Gardener or God. Like a physical gardener who possesses qualities of patience, tirelessness, love, far-sightedness, faith etc., the Supreme Gardener is an Ocean of these qualities, which he uses to bring us up. As we remain under his sustenance and care, over a period of time, we blossom and are transformed into beautiful spiritual flowers, and our thorns fall away.

1. When we look at ourselves as spiritual flowers, our colour symbolizes spiritual wisdom. Depending on how we imbibe the wisdom shared by the Spiritual Gardener and bring it in our day-to-day lives; in our thoughts, words, actions and relationships; the more beautiful a colour we take.

2. Our spiritual form or consciousness is shaped depending on the quality of our connection or meditation with the Supreme Gardener. The deeper and stronger the connection or meditation, the more beautiful the form we have.

3. Lastly, our fragrance refers to divine qualities like purity, sweetness, humility, tolerance, carefreeness, and many more, which we develop.

Physical flowers with a good colour, form and fragrance, attract everyone around them. Seeing and coming close to them, gives one an experience of joy. The same holds true for spiritual flowers. Roses are considered the best of all flowers, with the best colour, form and fragrance. Spiritual roses are those souls who continuously remain in a spiritual consciousness and spread the fragrance of that consciousness to others. Their thoughts, words and actions get shaped according to this consciousness. They have a deep relationship with the Spiritual Gardener and are always eager to ensure that others also experience that relationship and become spiritual roses; which is His deep wish for every soul. They help Him in fulfilling that wish.