Beautiful relationships – the road to success (part 1)

Beautiful Relationships – The Road To Success (Part 1)

We are all living in a close knit world where relationships are an important medium of life which connects all of us closely. Today, sadly but truly, relationships are no longer as deep and meaningful as they used to be earlier. We are commonly hearing of early divorces and sudden breakups in friendships and so many other types of relationships at the workplace or with loved ones in the family and outside family. Where are we heading? Why are relationships so weak today? Even if they exist, the happiness that they radiate is less. People are lesser content with each other than before and there is anger, ego, jealousy, possessiveness and insecurity surrounding relationships much more than before. There are also people who do not disclose their relationship problems with others but are silently suffering. Let’s look at a few basic methods to make our relationships stronger and based on the correct foundation of constant peace, love and joy –

  1. Give a few minutes everyday to filling yourself with peace, love and joy through beautiful affirmations. Reaffirming to yourself regularly about your nature full of peace, love and joy will strengthen that nature further. The more your sanskars are full of these three qualities, the more your thoughts, words and actions will be full of these qualities. As a result, your relationships will also become a reflection of these qualities. The most important cause of relationships collapsing is inner emptiness and inability to share these qualities with the other person. Expectations are the seed of most problems in all relationships and all expectations exist because the qualities of peace, love and joy are not present adequately inside people.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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