Overcoming anger – 5 keys to success (part 1)

Overcoming Anger – 5 Keys To Success (Part 1)

We are all living a life from morning till night, where we face situations where anger is a common and most easiest response we choose. Once a doctor was meeting a patient in his clinic and asked her that how many times do you become angry in a day? She replied that I have never counted but I think not a single day passes when I do not get angry and loose my temper at my husband or my children or the maid or even the shopkeeper. The doctor replied that have you ever wondered what goes on inside you after every bout of anger? Every second of anger or anger related emotions causes the secretion of negative chemicals and negative hormones inside the body. This is constantly harming the body and causes severe psychosomatic illnesses or illnesses caused by a negative mind, like blood pressure, diabetes, depression, insomnia and even cancer in the body. Also, the positive mood of peace, love and happiness inside our minds, can remain low for many hours, after even a smallest bout of hatred, revenge, aggression and any other toxic and negative behavior. We give you 5 keys to overcome anger in this message:

  1. Don’t Try To Change What You Can’t Change – Very often we try and change scenes in our life, which are beyond our control. Scenes of life including different situations and behaviors of people, which are not as per our desire and make us react negatively and with emotions full of anger. When we cannot change a scene, we feel frustrated and feel things are out of our control. At that point of time, remind yourself that everything cannot go our way and as per our desires in life always. Also, the more we bring about positive change in ourselves, the more the energy of our change will change scenes around us in a positive way. So, instead of wanting that a particular person should have a particular quality or a particular situation be more positive, fill yourself with that quality or that positivity and radiate it to your surroundings. This way you will accept and not expect, because expectations are the seed of all anger filled emotions.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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