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5 Ways To Bring God's Wisdom In Your Life

  1. Make A Note Of God’s Wisdom In Your Mind Everyday – Everyday God shares with us beautiful wisdom, which we read and make a note in our diaries and hearts. After noting it, we revise it many times in the day and our mind listens to it again and again. Then we apply each point of wisdom in every life situation and become a Master Ocean of Wisdom, the child of God, who is The Ocean of Wisdom.
  2. Meditate On God’s Words By Thinking And Visualizing Them – Give a beautiful shape to every God’s word you listen to, by thinking about its depth and seeing it in your consciousness as a picture. God is the Supreme Teacher and the wisdom He shares is very precious and full of secrets. Meditation is the most beautiful way to make God’s wisdom your own personal treasure.
  3. Follow God At Every Step In Positivity And Purity – God’s wisdom increases inside us when we keep a positive mind and pure intellect and our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, vision, words and actions are a reflection of that beautiful consciousness. Then we start seeing every life situation and relationship with the eyes of wisdom.
  4. Share Each Pearl Of Wisdom With Others – The best gift that we can give to our family members, our friends and our office colleagues is God’s wisdom, and experience it inside ourselves. Today, almost every soul is stressed and in pain. The key to peace and happiness is wisdom, which is light for the soul and helps souls check and transform their thoughts and personality.
  5. 5. Check And Judge Your Progress At The End Of The Day – After a day full of actions, the best end of the day is to check the day’s progress in the mirror of wisdom and see if there have been any mistakes in the day. Mistakes are thoughts, words and actions which are not aligned with wisdom. After judging yourself, correct your mistakes for the next day.

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