1st April – Soul Sustenance

Discriminating Correctly And Clearly

Life does not come with a user manual of how to live it. And there are hundreds of choices and decisions we need to make, every single day. We need to have greater wisdom and accurate discrimination power. The ability to discriminate, which means to separate right from wrong, truth from illusions, relevant from the irrelevant, is fundamental to taking correct and beneficial decisions.

Sit back and see how you increase your capacity to discriminate –

Affirmation: I am a knowledgeful being. I am the creator of my destiny… so many options every day … so many choices to make … and there is so much information… media…social media…past experiences… public opinion… But I know what I need… I have the power of discrimination… my mind and intellect are stable… they are my strength… my intellect discriminates perfectly…based on my rich wisdom… I use it in every situation… to discriminate my thoughts, belief systems, feelings, behaviours … and decide what is right for me … I understand people and situations as they are… it tells me what is right…what is the truth… what is my priority… what is beneficial for my present and future … it discriminates…it gives me guidelines… then I take a decision… the right decision … I check what will be the result if my thoughts come into words or actions. I bring the decision into action. I immediately do what I decide to do … I choose, decide and implement immediately. I don’t get affected by other influences when discriminating. I trust my highest self… even if people’s opinions are different… I analyse their intentions and habits triggering it… I empathise…I respond with peace. This is my nature.

Repeat this affirmation a few times to strengthen your intellect. When you discriminate between right and wrong, you will be able to take quick decisions. Your capacity to discriminate gives you an accurate understanding not only of situations and other people, but also an understanding of our own self.

Pic Courtesy : Natalya Sambulova from Getty Images