5 steps of co-operation for a joyful world (part 1)

5 Steps Of Co-operation For A Joyful World (Part 1)

The most beautiful emotion of our everyday lives is joy which all of us most naturally want to experience and love experiencing. Our world that we all are inhabitants of was once a land full of joy and enthusiasm. The same world, as it has become older with time has lost its happiness and today almost each and every individual in the world has some challenging situations in their lives, which can at times stop them from remaining joyful always. It is worth wondering as to how we can transform the complete world into a place full of joy and lightness. Each and everyone’s every thought, word and action of co-operation is required to fulfill this purpose. This purpose may seem difficult but it is very much possible. Let’s look at 5 important steps of co-operation that we can take to fulfill this purpose:

  1. When I Change, The World Will Change – The first and foremost step towards world transformation is changing the self. A very common thought of laziness or excuse that we think is allowable at times is that by my change itself, how can the world change, a world with a population of eight billion people. But it is important to realize that when I change, my family will change. When every family changes, our society will change and when our society will change our city and then our country will change. Finally with each country becoming happier, the world will change. So, let’s take that first step of making myself happier by creating positive thoughts and becoming more emotionally stronger. Hold the hands of spiritual wisdom and meditation in your life. Make them your close companions and within a short period of time, your thoughts of worry, anxiety, fear, low self-esteem and insecurity will become a distant past for you and you will become lighter and happier. This happiness will radiate to the world around you.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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