Attitude matters (part 2)

Attitude Matters (Part 2)

Our attitude towards a person is commonly based a lot on what we listen from others about him or her, as discussed in yesterday’s message. On the other hand, a person who is determined to have a positive attitude will not let all that he hears, affect him. He will maintain a balance by knowing everything about a person or what others are saying about the other person, if required and yet remaining the same in his attitude. This is because sometimes in a particular role, in any sphere of life, it may be important to know everything about a person from others also. That does not mean that we should gossip about the other person and indulge in discussions about him or her. This may be unnecessary at times because sometimes people give incorrect feedback also. But that’s not true every time. Sometimes the feedback may be correct and not so positive. Also, it may be important to know that piece of information about a particular person, which you are receiving, so that you can take the right steps to correct the person or the situation involving the person.

At that time, use your power of discrimination and judgment to know whether what you are hearing is true or not because the other person sharing the information with you, may be incorrect or may purposely be lying or lying because of his or her own lack of discrimination and judgment power. Also, at times, it may be good to refuse the other person’s piece of information or if that’s not possible, hear it, but not let it affect you negatively. In other words, neither should you be disturbed by that piece of information and neither should you share that piece of information with others. Lastly and very importantly your attitude towards that person, about whom information was shared with you, should remain the same. Otherwise following your attitude change, your behavior towards that person changes and as a result your relationship with that person gets affected negatively. How to keep a positive attitude for a person about whom we hear negative information? We will share a little bit about that in tomorrow’s message.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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