1st March – Soul Sustenance

Let’s Listen To God’s Words Of Wisdom :

Spiritual Message on Shivratri

Shivratri is a festival which remembers God’s role in the world and celebrates the transformation of the night of Kaliyug into the day of Satyug. God is a Supreme point of pure consciousness who is called by various names like Eeshwar, Bhagwan, Khuda, Shiva, Allah, Heavenly Godfather, Jehovah. When it is the end of the night of Kaliyug, He comes and talks to His children in the world and gives them spiritual wisdom. Every soul in the world desires for peace and joy, which God comes and creates in everyone’s lives through His knowledge of the soul, the Supreme Soul or His own self and the World Drama. What is the knowledge that God shares. Let’s listen to Him –

  1. You are a spiritual being or soul and not this physical body. The physical body is just your costume to play your role on Earth.

  2. I am God, your spiritual Father or Father of the soul and I am an Ocean of peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom.

  3. Your original qualities are peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom, which were there inside you when you were with me in the Soul World or the land of Nirvana, also called Shantidham, Paramdham and Muktidham.

  4. I am not omnipresent or present everywhere, but I stay in the Soul World, the world of pure silence. You feel my presence everywhere in the physical world. That’s why you have called me omnipresent.

  5. You are a part of a World Drama of a maximum of 84 births, on Earth. Those of you who come earlier in the World Drama, take 84 births and those who come later, take lesser number of births, depending upon when you come down on the Earth from the Soul World.

  6. You have lost your original qualities as you came in the process of birth and death, through four yugas or ages – Satyug or the Golden Age, Tretayug or the Silver Age, Dwaparyug or the Copper Age and Kaliyug or the Iron Age. These 4 yugas span a total of 5000 years. The 5000 years World Drama repeats again and again.

  7. At the end of Kaliyug, I have come down in this world to teach you Rajyoga – a spiritual yoga or meditation in which you can connect with me and become pure and also regain all your lost qualities.

  8. When you become pure by connecting with me, you will return to the Soul World and stay there for some time. After that, depending on your part you will come down and play your role on Earth again.