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Let’s Be Human Beings, Not Human Doings (Part 2)

Whenever you begin the day, look at everything and everyone around you and realize deeply that my education, my professional qualifications, my wealth and my role – all this and much more is not really mine. This is because you are a being full of peace, love and happiness, which is non-physical, first. And, all this expanse of physical belongings, people, close relationships and everything else, even your physical body – all of this, you have acquired later. The non-physical is controlling and running the physical. The non-physical is eternal and the physical is limited to this lifetime only.

Happiness is the primary quality that we are looking for. Also, we are looking for peace and love. As long as your consciousness is centered around the physical, all these three emotions will not be experienced by you permanently and forever. They will come and go. This is because everything physical is temporary and changeable. One day your relationships are good and on another day there is a lack of co-operation and you feel less loved. Sometimes, everything is going smooth at the workplace and on another there is a pressure of uncompleted tasks and deadlines which make you feel peaceless. Also, at times your physical costume or body is healthy and running well and suddenly an illness arises and you lose your inner contentment and feeling of wellness. So, life is about twists and turns. When your consciousness is focused on your inner being, you are peaceful, loveful and happy at all times. This is because the foundation of your peace, love and happiness is permanent and unchangeable. Also, by looking at the eternal and inner self as the basis of your existence, you will not be affected by the situations outside. They will come and go and you will remain stable, because you are a source of peace, love and happiness and you will fill every situation of your life with them. The situations are no longer your source for them and you are no longer dependent on them to remain full of peace, love and happiness.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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