20th March – Soul Sustenance

Likes On Social Media Matter?

In a social media driven society, getting public approval on what we post is becoming a yardstick for our self-worth and fame. Most of us post something that we believe people will appreciate and start monitoring it for Likes and positive comments. The more we get, the more we want. Getting fewer or negative responses upsets us, and we become vulnerable to people’s opinions.

1. Do you use social media for public validation? Do you post something and then wait patiently (or impatiently) for people to notice it, like it or comment on it? Do more Likes make you feel accepted, and a lack of Likes make you anxious?

2. Social media is a beautiful platform to share useful information and connect with people. But today, people who hardly speak face-to-face, are actively sharing posts or posting observations on social media. They are concerned about having an online audience who give them attention and appreciation.

3. Let us use social media responsibly to share content that we Like and that is beneficial. After that, it shouldn’t matter if it garners 100 Likes or zero Likes. In fact, we don’t even need to keep checking it for response, because people’s opinion on our post cannot correlate to our popularity or self-worth.

4. Take control over your social media usage. You don’t require people on social media to validate how peaceful or beautiful your life is. Remind yourself – I use social media to share what I like. I do not need other people to Like it.

Pic Courtesy : Geralt from Pixabay