Beautiful relationships – the road to success (part 3)

Beautiful Relationships – The Road To Success (Part 3)

  1. We all want our relationships to be strong and permanent, but we have never thought of personality transformation as a medium of achieving that. No relationship can be successful and without problems if anger and ego exist inside people. Changing oneself and removing these two negative personality traits at every step brings people together and hearts close. No matter how much love you may share with the other person, but if at times, your behavior is anger or ego filled, the same love shared does not hold any value then. Many a times, people will gift lots of presents to their loved ones and will go for a holiday or a party or have a meal together or celebrate each others’ birthdays, marriage anniversaries and other important days. But all these are just temporary and will not give permanent happiness to a relationship, if at other times one person has got angry for the other coming home late or has become egoistic, when they did not call. Love means complete trust between two people and where there is trust there will never be accusations and counter accusations. What use is a gift if at other times you do not even talk politely and sweetly, without any doubt and suspicion?
  2. Lastly, but most importantly, today most relationships are lacking good quality time spent with each other. Professional targets in the lives of men and women both and varying priorities of two people sometimes is keeping people away from each other. Spending time together and discussing problems of each other and even other family members and then looking to resolve them makes relationships beautiful. So, fix times with each other to be together at meal times and evenings. Also keeping a balance between time given to home and office as well as talking to each other throughout the day and being with your family, keeps relationships going and makes them full of happiness.

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