21st February – Soul Sustenance

Becoming A Trustee Of God (Part 3) –

In the physical world, one common example of a trustee is when a rich person does not have any heirs to leave his wealth with, he will leave his wealth in the hands of a trustee or a group of trustees, to ensure the right use of his wealth as per his last wish. Another common example is of trustees associated with temples and welfare organizations. All the wealth and ornaments that devotees offer in temples out of faith, love and devotion for God or all the wealth and property that people give in charity to welfare organizations is taken care of by a group of trustees. In all these cases and more, while taking care of the wealth, honest trustees always keep the consciousness that this is not their wealth or property and will always use it in the right way, as they have been instructed. This is called keeping the trust of the owners of the wealth, hence the word trustee.

In this way, now as a trustee, throughout the day I keep a consciousness that the treasures of my thoughts, words, actions, qualities, powers, time, physical wealth, etc. are the Supreme Being’s property and I have been appointed as a trustee by Him to take care of them. In this way, I will use these treasures in a positive way, for a positive purpose of bringing myself and others close to a state of truth only; in a way the Supreme Being wants me to and has instructed me to do so. This establishes a relationship of detachment with the treasures I possess and it also benefits me and others at every step.