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The Invisible Support System Of Life (Part 1)

Our lives on a physical level, at every step, are based on an invisible spiritual support system. Can you imagine life without peace, love and happiness? These are our basic spiritual qualities of the soul. Once upon a time, a king of a little kingdom was asked, how fulfilled is your kingdom? He thought of the different aspects of life and how fulfilled they were, like health, wealth, relationships and roles. He was asked, how healthy is your kingdom? He thought of physical health and the magnitude of illnesses in the people of his kingdom and replied that all was not well. Then, he thought about how financially well-off his kingdom was and replied there was a little poverty existing in the kingdom. He also thought of relationships and roles, and realized that there was sorrow in relationships and some people were not satisfied with their roles and jobs they had. The king realized soon that to make his kingdom, healthy, wealthy and happy in all respects, was a difficult task but did not know where to start.

Just like the king and his kingdom, health, wealth, relationships and roles in the whole world are all physical aspects but to make each of them positive and free of obstacles, we need to look at the invisible spiritual support system of peace, love and happiness. The more all of us become full of these three qualities by making ourselves full of positivity and strength, the more the different aspects of life will be full of success. We know the mind’s health influences physical health and the mind’s fulfillment attracts physical wealth. Also, the mind’s goodness makes relationships beautiful and the mind’s focus and clarity makes our roles free from problems.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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Becoming free from the desire for praise (part 3)

Becoming Free From The Desire For Praise (Part 3)

Understanding our unique skills and strengths helps us accept that we can’t excel in everything. Praise will always be shared among people. Prioritizing righteousness and truth over praise leads to a lighter life, making the desire for praise secondary and non-existent in our consciousness.

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Becoming free from the desire for praise (part 2)

Becoming Free From The Desire For Praise (Part 2)

As actors in the world drama, we can’t always please everyone. Understanding karma helps us act for our happiness, not others’ praise. Serving selflessly, like God, without expecting recognition, brings contentment and inner freedom from the desire for praise.

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