Overcoming anger – 5 keys to success (part 3)

Overcoming Anger – 5 Keys To Success (Part 3)

  1. Let Go Of The I Am Right Consciousness – One of the most significant causes of anger filled relationships is the ego that I am right and the other person is wrong. The more the ego, the more the anger. Very often people who are very moody in the family or at the workplace and are always shouting at other people and seeing them as incorrect are the ones who are very egoistic. Also, a very common and negative shade of anger is sarcasm – to comment sarcastically on people’s actions and to always think that what I think and do is the best and only right. On the other hand, the one who sacrifices his or her ego will be very sweet and merciful in interactions, even if the other person has genuinely committed some mistakes. To see others as innocent and not to be over-critical, a very simple practice is to see atleast one specialty in each and every person we meet everyday. This type of positive vision makes us free from anger and even in the most negative of situations we see people positively and not focus on their faults and weaknesses.
  2. Remain Stress Free To Become Anger Free –Life is full of many different types of negative situations and twists and turns, which keep us unsettled and stressed at times. Stress is primarily caused by too many whys, whats, whens and hows, which are questions in our minds. The more the mind is full of questions and unsolved problems, the more the mind will react in the form of toxic words and actions. Problems will always exist but our attachment to them and impatience in waiting for them to get solved at the right time and in the right manner leads to anger. Anger in many cases is just a form of bottled up stress, which bursts open from time to time. Meditation and positive thinking as a result of the practice of meditation are some common techniques to resolve stress of the mind. Freedom from anger follows freedom from stress.

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Returning to my original state of goodness (part 3)

Returning To My Original State Of Goodness (Part 3)

To return to our original state of goodness, we must connect with a Higher Source of spiritual power. It’s about realizing the treasures inside us, filling ourselves with these treasures from God, and shedding incorrect sanskaras. This journey leads us to connect with the Supreme Being, regain positive qualities, and prepare for the cycle of birth and rebirth

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