Writing letters to god

Writing Letters To God

A very beautiful practice on the path of spirituality is to write about your daily activity to God in the night before sleeping or at some other time. God is a beautiful and caring Supreme Parent who is always protecting us and helping us at every moment in the day. There are many people who sometimes think that God is an Ocean of Wisdom and He already knows what is happening in our lives. Then why should we tell Him anything? We have a deep relationship with God and as an important dimension of this relationship and because we love and respect God so much, it is good to give him a short 5-6 lines description of the day that has passed and a little about the day that is to come, so that He guides us with His wisdom and Supreme intellect. How should we write such a letter?

Let’s discuss 5 important things –

  1. Give God a clear view of about how you are progressing as a person – what are your weaknesses and strengths and ask Him how you should remove your weaknesses and improve your strengths further?
  2. Tell God about what situations are there in your life – both positive and negative. Ask Him how can the positive situations benefit you and how the negative situations can be overcome?
  3. Also, share with God your experiences on the spiritual path, and ask for His light and insight of them so that you can take them further and enjoy the spiritual path more.
  4. Give God an idea of the different relationships in your life and ask for His opinion on how they can be improved and how your close ones can be connected with God and their lives can be made more spiritual and beautiful.
  5. Lastly, express your love to God always in your letters and strengthen your bond with Him. The more you do that, the more you will receive His love back and His spiritual sustenance will keep making you a more perfect and positive person.

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