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Changing The Quality Of Your Morning Time

The biggest gifts we can give ourselves is, developing a powerful morning routine for nourishing our mind and body. It’s the most important time to start fresh, prepare yourself and set the tone for a rewarding day. How does your typical morning begin? Do you check your emails a few times and then rush through the day? Do you grab the phone upon waking and scroll through social media? Before you know, you might get late. The mind becomes turbulent and the body is stressed. Our mind handles all our roles and responsibilities. So our first responsibility is to take care of it. We can begin with creating thoughts of highest frequency – by giving gratitude to God, to our mind and body, to people, to objects we use, and to nature. Nourish the mind with few minutes of affirmations along with visualizing the entire day being happy. Meditate for a few minutes, and then read enriching messages for the next few minutes. These activities charge our inner battery and help us experience happiness and peace throughout the day. Let’s be systematic and have the self-discipline to follow morning habits that set us up for the day.

Remind yourself every morning that peace and calmness are your natural sanskars. Each day is beautiful because you begin it with a perfect routine. Set yourself up for happiness and success. Strictly follow your morning habits every single day. Wake up feeling fresh. Your mind and body are well rested. Exercise or walk for 30 minutes, activating every cell of your body. It becomes ready to support all your activities through the day. Meditate for 15 minutes to charge yourself, your mind, by connecting with God, the Supreme Power House. Emerge your inner powers of peace, happiness and power to be used in every scene. Also plan to work on yourself in the day, changing a sanskar, forgiving someone, forgetting the past, being nice to someone. Choose, decide and implement. Read uplifting, inspiring messages for 15 minutes to help your mind create pure, perfect thoughts. Do not check social media or email messages, read newspaper or watch news for the first one hour. Your morning time is your time, reserved for your nurturing. You will see a huge difference all this makes to your mood, energy, attitude and efficiency in the day.

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