Recording scenes carefully

Recording Scenes Carefully

Our every thought, word and behavior leaves an impression on the soul. They are like recordings on a CD. So we, the souls, are a collection of all these permanent recordings which become a part of our personality. Each recording needs to be pure and positive, as it influences our mind, body and relationships, not just in this life but in future lives too.

Sit back and teach your mind to pay attention to create only beautiful recordings on the soul, in every scene. Repeat this affirmation everyday to stop creating a negative feeling and record a negative experience, in response to unfavourable events. Qualities like purity, peace and love become ingrained in your personality. When you take care of what you think, speak and do, your every karma becomes right. This automatically creates a perfect destiny.

Affirmation –

I am a happy being. Today…I cross many situations…I create many experiences…I record them all permanently on the soul. I take care… all that I think, feel and interact… with situations and people…is getting recorded…there is no retake in this recording… it is eternal… it always remains with me. I choose to record right thoughts only. Some habits of people which I reacted to…. If someone is abusive, critical, aggressive, manipulative…. now I understand them…I face their habit with stability… I record that they are not insulting me…they are a victim of their nature… I do not create hurt… I create a recording of compassion… not pain or rejection. If a situation is unpleasant…I accept it as it is … I don’t question it …I don’t resist it. I don’t create negative recordings in any scene. My pure and positive recordings keep my mind peaceful… body healthy… relationships strong…they earn me blessings.

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