The 7 days course of the brahma kumaris (part 1)

The 7 Days Course Of The Brahma Kumaris (Part 1)

We are all spiritual students who study spiritual wisdom from God and also practice meditation everyday, which is a spiritual link or union with God. Our lives have become beautiful and blissful with these two aspects of spiritual life. God gifts us with these two attainments at the present moment of time, when He is performing His task of world transformation and is making the world a beautiful paradise or heaven with His wisdom, purity and powers. With these two attainments in our present lives, we become pure and perfect in sanskars and make our consciousness divine. God shows us this path of transformation. But how do we learn to take the path? Where is the start? At the Brahma Kumaris, we start our spiritual journey with an introductory 7 days spiritual course, which explains to us different aspects of spiritual wisdom and the technique of meditation.

As we begin the course, we learn that we are actually a spiritual energy or soul and not this physical body, which is made up of physical matter. Like a driver drives a car, I the soul, drive and control this body and perform different actions through my body and different parts of my body like my brain and sense organs like my eyes, ears, tongue, nose, hands and legs. I, the non-physical conscient energy or soul, am made up of the mind which thinks and feels; intellect which judges, imbibes knowledge and visualizes and sanskars or inner personality. My form is a being of divine light, not visible to the physical eyes and my original qualities are peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom, which I have lost in the birth and rebirth cycle, as I have taken many different births in different physical bodies. We also learn that our original and eternal spiritual home is the soul world or incorporeal world or the world of silence, also called paramdham or nirvandham or shantidham in Hindi, from where we come down in the physical world on Earth to play our roles. Also, we understand our different roles or births in four different yugas or Ages in the World Drama which takes place on Earth, and a maximum number of births any human soul takes in this World Drama is 84. Lastly, we also learn from God that we are born only as humans and not in any different species of animals, birds or insects. This is because we carry sanskars of playing our roles in human bodies only. And also, how we were deities or devi devtas in our earliest births and not apes or monkeys as commonly believed. We came in the birth and rebirth cycle and later started worshipping the same deities or devi devtas, when we had lost our initial soul-consciousness, spiritual purity and divine qualities.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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