23rd April – Soul Sustenance

5 Ways To Remain Stable In Change

1. Remain With The Self And Introspect – When we see change of any type in our life, instead of getting influenced by the different scenes of change, we need to look inwards and access our reservoir of positivity and start creating thoughts of stability, peace and strength inside and then come back in action with a purpose to adjust with the situation.

2. Look Beyond The Current Situation – Often when we experience sudden changes in our life, in our health, wealth, family or work, we start worrying about what has happened, why it has happened and how will we cope with the change. Instead we need to look differently at the change with the eyes of wisdom and find benefit in the change.

3. Take Steps To Flow With The Change – Sometimes change takes us by surprise and we lose our way in life because we keep resisting the change and preventing it from taking place. But we need to know that change is a natural part of our life and it will happen from time to time. The more we flow with it and adapt to it, the lesser our thoughts will be and we will also save time and mental energy.

4. Bring Change In The Self And Move Ahead – In a change, look to change yourself and increase your strengths and coming closer to your perfect self. A change gives us a message that with the help of our inner treasures of peace, love, joy and power and also treasures of our thoughts and time, we can create new and beautiful situations that will benefit us and others at the same time.

5. Keep God With You And Ask Him For Directions – Some people remember God more when they find a difficult change in their life to deal with. But its wiser to remember God all the time. The deeper the connection the more sooner God gives us directions and protects us in the wave of change and also guides us through it.