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Can Love Hurt Me?

As we create many new relationships in life, we give certain people an access to our inner world of emotions by sharing with them our deepest thoughts and feelings. When they also reciprocate and share with us their inner world, we treasure the relationship. A meaningful connection starts building. But as time moves forward, love gets mixed with attachment. Attachment is an unsettling emotion – it can be a source of great happiness but it can also create deep wounds. Pure love means inclusiveness of the other person to bring joy to both. When there is love we take good care of people, give people the space they need and do not fear to lose them. But when there is attachment, the relationship becomes exclusive or self-centered – whenever they get upset, we create hurt. When their behavior changes, we create hurt. When we fear to lose them, we create hurt. And we believe – I love them but they hurt me. Love cannot hurt and people cannot hurt. Our attachment in the name of love towards them creates our hurt.
Love for anyone – parent, spouse, child, sibling or a friend is a space we move into. A conscious awareness is needed to understand that such love, care and closeness, takes us closer to hurt when there is attachment. When we stop identifying with labels of relationships and see everyone as pure souls, we experience love without attachment. Let us subtly examine our close relationships to check if we love them or have become emotionally attached.

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