23rd jan 23 soul sustenance

The Invisible Support System Of Life (Part 3)

The most important and primary influence on our relationships and making them full of love and happiness is of our own mental state. Very often, we talk very positively with people or act very sweetly with people but our mind is full of emotions like jealousy, revenge, hatred and even doubt, suspicion and insecurity. This can harm our relationships immensely and make them internally weak. Sometimes the effects of these hidden emotions don’t show up very soon but they keep harming the relationships internally, without us realizing it. So, a mind which is always light and transmitting the energy of sweetness as a form of love, contentment as a form of joy and calmness as a form of peace, gets the same energy back in all its relationships. This makes relationships full of success and free of obstacles that arise primarily from different personalities and different view-points.

Lastly, all of us live our life in this world and we play different roles. One person will play different roles of father, son, husband, brother, engineer etc. in one’s life and all these roles require different qualities and powers as well as skills and attitudes. The more the mind is calm and stable and an embodiment of the three primary virtues of peace, love and joy, the more it is focused and positive. As a result, it can not only choose the right qualities for every role but also implement them in action. Also, the mind saves a lot of its energy and can remain powerful in every situation when it is charged with positive thoughts full of these three virtues. The more powerful the mind is, the more it can take right decisions and discriminate between right and wrong easily, which is the primary key to success. So, roles benefit immensely, under the influence of the mind.

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