23rd jul soul sustenance

5 Gifts To God

As we take a divine birth with God as a Sweet Mother and Father and then enter a divine childhood, God asks for 5 beautiful gifts of love, which will help us become a divine adult, filled with pure wisdom and all qualities and powers. 

1. Complete purity in thoughts, words and actions
Let me remind myself – I am a divine being, who has incarnated in this temple (body) of divinity … I am the child of God, the Ocean of Divinity … I radiate purity to this world with my every divine thought, word and action.

2. Sitting up in meditation at the early morning sweet nectar time
I affirm to myself – God is a sweet Ocean of Love, who waits for me at the early morning pure time everyday … I have found Him after thousands of years … I connect with Him and fill myself with the light of all spiritual attainments.

3. Dancing to God’s wisdom flute tune every morning
I talk to myself – God incarnates in this physical world for me … He shares the pearls of wisdom with me which I have searched for a long time … I am the luckiest soul on Earth as I hear God’s wisdom and experience the deepest bliss.

4. Creating a pure temple for the soul by feeding my body a pure diet
I remind myself – I am a deity soul of the original deity religion … my every food I eat and liquid I drink is charged with angelic goodness and is saatvik … I remember God, the Ocean of Goodness before eating and drinking anything.

5. Filling every action with God’s beautiful remembrance
I tell myself – I am a very special soul, God’s chosen one … I make every action precious by remembering God in every sphere and every role of life … His love and bliss makes me complete and I share it with everyone.


Think and talk only about solutions

Think And Talk Only About Solutions

Focus on solutions instead of problems to conserve energy and create positive outcomes. Accept challenges, avoid blame, and direct your thoughts toward solutions. Stay present, calm, and empowered to handle any situation effectively.

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21st july 2024 soul sustenance telugu

పరిష్కారాల గురించి మాత్రమే ఆలోచించండి మరియు మాట్లాడండి

కొన్నిసార్లు పరిస్థితులు సవాలుగా లేదా వ్యక్తులను నిర్వహించడం కష్టంగా ఉన్న సందర్భాలను  మనం ఎదుర్కొంటాము. మనం సమస్యపై దృష్టి పెడితే, కలత చెందుతాము, ఆందోళన చెందుతాము, భయపడతాము, నిందిస్తాము మరియు ఫిర్యాదు చేస్తాము. ఇవన్నీ

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