23rd jul soul sustenance

5 Gifts To God

As we take a divine birth with God as a Sweet Mother and Father and then enter a divine childhood, God asks for 5 beautiful gifts of love, which will help us become a divine adult, filled with pure wisdom and all qualities and powers. 

1. Complete purity in thoughts, words and actions
Let me remind myself – I am a divine being, who has incarnated in this temple (body) of divinity … I am the child of God, the Ocean of Divinity … I radiate purity to this world with my every divine thought, word and action.

2. Sitting up in meditation at the early morning sweet nectar time
I affirm to myself – God is a sweet Ocean of Love, who waits for me at the early morning pure time everyday … I have found Him after thousands of years … I connect with Him and fill myself with the light of all spiritual attainments.

3. Dancing to God’s wisdom flute tune every morning
I talk to myself – God incarnates in this physical world for me … He shares the pearls of wisdom with me which I have searched for a long time … I am the luckiest soul on Earth as I hear God’s wisdom and experience the deepest bliss.

4. Creating a pure temple for the soul by feeding my body a pure diet
I remind myself – I am a deity soul of the original deity religion … my every food I eat and liquid I drink is charged with angelic goodness and is saatvik … I remember God, the Ocean of Goodness before eating and drinking anything.

5. Filling every action with God’s beautiful remembrance
I tell myself – I am a very special soul, God’s chosen one … I make every action precious by remembering God in every sphere and every role of life … His love and bliss makes me complete and I share it with everyone.

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