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Start Listening More … Be Less Judgmental

We may all be great speakers, but are we good listeners? A perfect conversation is not just about our ability to speak well and make someone understand our words. It is more important to listen to others. By listening well, we will recognize people’s intentions, resolve issues and build strong relationships. Do you often find yourself speaking more and listening less to others? Do you mentally start building your response even as the other person is speaking? At times do you even interrupt someone if you have a different opinion? We have two ears and one mouth, we should listen more than we speak is a common quote. But with our increasing age, position, role, and responsibility we are losing the art of listening. We may hear their words, but our mind internally starts judging their words and starts preparing a response. Since our mind is talking, we’re not listening, we’re already radiating vibrations of rejection. Listening means we silence our mind, understand they have a different opinion, we detach from our perspective, respect their opinion and accept their words. There is no distraction outside or in our mind. We introspect on their views and then express ours. Listen to people with an open mind, keeping aside your views, even if they seem to be wrong.

To have beautiful relationships with the people you live with and work with, master the art of good communication. When someone is speaking, pay attention, put aside distractions like phone, TV or computer and make eye-contact. Do not focus on their appearance, accent or language and listen to every word. Feel their vibrations, understand them as they are, do not interrupt them, wait for your turn. Also, listen calmly and patiently, ensure that people feel comfortable talking to you. Your listening skills help you understand what they say, what they intend, what they want, wait for an appropriate time even if you have questions and ask politely. This will keep your communication harmonious, transparent and peaceful and make every interaction a pleasurable experience for you and for other people.

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