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How Does The Law Of Karma Work?

We are all spiritual energies or souls and we perform actions of different types in the World Drama. All of us have performed a lot of good actions and some negative actions also, in the World Drama, under the influence of body consciousness. Some of us are more aware of our actions and some of us are lesser aware. Why does this happen? As we have progressed through our different births in the World Drama, we have gone through different types of experiences, which have not only influenced our sanskars, but have also influenced our mind as well as intellect. As a result, our beliefs about life, the situations of life, positivity, purity, goodness, soul realization and God have changed over a period of time. Also, we have all been exposed to different types of information, different relationships, different scenes of life in different births, which have affected our consciousness in different ways and also given our thoughts and beliefs the shape they have taken today. This is why today some people are more careful of every action of theirs and some are not so careful about the same. But the Law of Karma is clear. That actions performed under the influence of soul consciousness and divine virtues like peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom give us more happiness and attract better and more positive situations in our lives and actions performed under the influence of body consciousness and vices like lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy, hatred and deceit give us sorrow and attract more negative situations in our lives.

God is the only one who plays a role in the World Drama and while playing His role, He is constantly soul conscious. He does not receive the fruit of His actions like human souls because He is a constant Ocean of wisdom, qualities and powers and does not change at all in the World Drama. He is eternally full and is a constant giver to human souls and nature and does not ever take anything from anyone or from nature. Human souls are soul conscious when the World Drama is going through the Golden and Silver Age and body conscious when the World Drama is going through the Copper and Iron Age. That is why there is no sorrow in the first two Ages and sorrow starts only in the Copper Age and increases as the World Drama passes through the Copper Age and comes to the end of the Iron Age.

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